Thursday, September 30, 2010

Is Pet Insurance worth it?

If all dog owners had to worry about were a checkup, yearly shots, and an occasional injury, it would be hard to justify the cost of pet insurance. After all, premiums can run into the thousands of dollars over the life of your pet.

But the fact is that today, pet medical care rivals what's available to humans in complexity and cost. For example, an MRI is a diagnostic tool once reserved for humans but is now available for pets as well--at an average cost of $1,200. Sophisticated procedures such as radiation therapy, can start at $900 and quickly reach $5,000.

And it's not as if it can't happen to you. Statistics show that one out of three pets will need emergency treatment every year, and two out of three experience at least one major health crisis in their lifetimes.

Given these catastrophic and skyrocketing costs, and with monthly premiums as low as $10 for some pets and plans--they average around $35--pet insurance may be a worthwhile option for you and your animals.

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Heartworm Disease and Prevention

Did you know over 250,000 dogs are diagnosed with heartworm disease every year. Heartworms can result in chronic cough, heart failure, liver failure, and death. This severe disease can easily be prevented by keeping your pet on heartworm prevention. Unfortunately, only about 33% of pet owners, nationwide, remember to give heartworm prevention every month. Don’t make the mistake of forgetting to give your dog heartworm prevention. Follow these simple steps to help keep you from missing a dose.

1. Set up a PetPortal. This mini-website will help you manage your pet’s medical information and you can program it to send you a reminder when the next dose of heartworm prevention is due.
2. Purchase 12 months of heartworm prevention at a time. It may be more costly upfront, but your price is significantly less per dose if you buy a 12 month supply. Also, if you have the medicine on hand, you are more likely to remember to give it.
3. Label your doses with the day and month it should be given. This will prevent you from wondering if you gave it that month and reduce the likelihood of double-dosing.

We hope these suggestions will help you to provide the optimum care for your pet and avoid putting him/her at risk of contracting heartworm disease.

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Conway Fall Festival - Conway, SC

This Saturday, October 2nd, come join the Critter Crew at the Conway Fall Festival. We will be there, in Conway, SC, from 10am - 6pm with all of our wonderful pet lover products.

That's right. We'll have all of the Critters on the Move life-size decals, trivets, coasters and tags for everyone to see. Can you say "super Christmas present"? Also with us will be our solution to male dog marking, the Uh-Oh Band. Our pet friendly bands, made by DogPerils, are an easy and comfortable dog belly band.

Rounding out our booth will be our "Unconditional Love" prints from Touch of a Paw. We offer these in four sizes, as well as, framed and ready-for-framing dry mounted prints. The "Unconditional Love" series also includes sets of fold over cards. We also happily offer custom wording for personalized or memorial Touch of a Paw prints. These make wonderful gifts for all of the the dog lovers on your Christmas list.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

AKC North Carolina Responsible Dog Ownership Day Event

Come join us in Raleigh this Saturday (9/25). Critters on Move is traveling to Raleigh to participate in the AKC North Carolina Responsible Dog Ownership Day event from 10:00 to 2:00. The Critter crew will be at the North Carolina State Fair Grounds (inside the Governor James Holshouser Building). This outstanding event welcomes dogs and we will be conducting FREE photography shoots of pets. Each owner, who allows their pet to participate in this 5 minute activity, will receive a FREE GIFT and your pet, the star of the day, will receive a FREE Coastal K-9 Bakery all natural treat! Check out the exciting Critter on the Move products, guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as in your heart. We will also be displaying the Touch of a Paw "Unconditional Love" prints, another special product honoring the special relationship between the animals and all pet lovers. See you Saturday!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Matthews Alive was ALIVE!

The Critter Crew had a wonderful, very hot, and busy weekend in Matthews last weekend at Matthews Alive. Although our pictures do not show it (they were taken before everything started), record crowds were reported for the festival held annually in beautiful downtown Matthews. Pet lovers of all types of animals were delighted to see all of lines of pet products. One of the things we said over and over was - "When we say Critters, we mean Critters."

One of the things we realize when we are doing festivals and shows is that different cities, towns or areas tend to have one or two main breeds. In Matthews, the two dog breeds mentioned the most often were the Border Collie and Pug. Unfortunately, the festival did not allow owners to bring their dogs. Fortunately, some owners did anyway. We are happy to share a couple of them with you.

We love seeing and hearing about all breeds.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Critter Crew at Matthews Alive!

The whole Critter Crew will be in Matthews, NC this whole weekend for their annual Matthews Alive Labor Day Festival. That's right. Critters on the Move, DogPerils and Touch of a Paw are packing up their wares and going on the road. We look forward to a long and busy weekend in Matthews. Come by and say hello. Hope to see you there!

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