Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strange sounds in the night

Every dog owner has heard these sounds before. It's not one of those sounds you enjoy. Which sound is it? That heaving sound of one of your babies throwing up. Great topic, isn't it? Not really, but one that does come up every so often.

What makes our problem worse is that we have two throwing up. Two of our babies, Jesse and Kayla, have been throwing up. It seems under control now. Just like your children (if you have or had any), you cannot help but feel bad for them.

To make things worse - Casey has a terrible case of the diarrhea. That was another sound that was heard in the night. That explosion happened after the throwing up. Wow! What a night!

Our vet says to fast them for 24 hours. After fasting, it is rice and chicken for a few meals. They do not like missing any meals. Our vet also prescribed some medicine to prevent vomiting and it seemed to work.

I hope tonight is better.

I was going to introduce you to Casey and his male marking habit (peeing anywhere, any time)and the UH-OH band,a male dog belly band, made by DogPerils but that will wait until next time.

Gone to clean up a mess.....Swoop

Monday, July 13, 2009

Casey at his desk

Casey is our love bug, the sweetest baby you could ask for. Always happy, if he were human, he would have a big smile on his face all day. Ever since he was a puppy, you cannot help but smile when he looks up at you. Everybody's pal, he is the only member of the pack that can sit or lay beside anyone.

He is definitely my wife's dog. In bed at night, nobody, and I mean nobody, is allowed to sleep beside her. If someone does try to, he just plops himself down on top of both people (or dog) and gradually work his way down between you. It is his way of saying - "Hey! What do you think you are doing? Only I get to sleep beside my mommy."

Casey is an equal opportunity snuggler. He moves around in the bed at night. When he sleeps, he loves to lay his head on one of our shoulders. What a glorious view to wake up to. Opening your eyes and looking into his beautiful adoring eyes that scream out, "I love you so much Daddy!" He wakes up so happy every morning, raring to go.

"Raring to go" has a double meaning. One is, he is ready to start the day. Nothing he does is in slow motion and his switch stays on Go. You can guess what the other meaning of "to go" is. In my next entry, I'll explain what came as a result of that.

Please remember that Rescues always need your support. Look up your favorite breed's rescue group and donate whatever you can. Money is great, but sometimes, maybe a used dog bed helps too.

Until next time... Swoop

Thursday, July 9, 2009

All of the Gray Ghosts

Back to the beginning...

Our 6 pack consists of 6 weimaraners, beautiful babies, one and all. There are 3 boys; Jesse, Colby and Casey and 3 girls; Rose, Kayla and Grace. Along the way we have lost 2 senior rescues, also weimaraners; Sandy and Mae and the most wonderful female, my wife's soul mate, Katie.

Katie was the first, and the most wonderful, followed by Jesse. Colby was our first rescue. Our vet asked us to take him because his owners, well-to-do so and so's, that had no business having a dog, let alone a weimaraner, had given him to a kill-shelter and his time was up. He has his quirks, but he is a beautiful boy.

After Colby came our next 2 rescues, Mae and Sandy. Both of them were rescued from puppy mills. We loved them and made their last years as good as we could. Sandy only lived for a couple of more years, but Mae had 8 good years with us. How can we stop unscrupulous breeders?

Four years ago on our way back from a cruise to Mexico, we swung over to deep southwest Georgia and picked up litter mates, Rose and Kayla. It was my first experience with weim puppies. We loved them from the moment we saw them. Those blue eyes stole my heart. If you have never seen weimaraner puppies, you are in for a treat when you do. They are beautiful!

A little over 2 years ago, we flew to Rochester to pick up our 2 youngest babies. Casey Blue and Sophie Grace were the hit of the airport while we waited for our plane. Originally, we were only going to add one more to our pack, Grace. The breeder was going to keep their last male, Casey. We decided we did not want to separate the two of them and convinced the breeder to sell us both puppies. Casey is our largest and Grace is our smallest. We do not know what we would do without them. Casey is definitely my wife's dog. If you see her, you will see him.

Do you know weimaraners? If you do not, hopefully this blog will over time fill you in on some of the things that make this breed so special.

Stay tuned... stories and pictures to come