Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Matthews Alive was ALIVE!

The Critter Crew had a wonderful, very hot, and busy weekend in Matthews last weekend at Matthews Alive. Although our pictures do not show it (they were taken before everything started), record crowds were reported for the festival held annually in beautiful downtown Matthews. Pet lovers of all types of animals were delighted to see all of lines of pet products. One of the things we said over and over was - "When we say Critters, we mean Critters."

One of the things we realize when we are doing festivals and shows is that different cities, towns or areas tend to have one or two main breeds. In Matthews, the two dog breeds mentioned the most often were the Border Collie and Pug. Unfortunately, the festival did not allow owners to bring their dogs. Fortunately, some owners did anyway. We are happy to share a couple of them with you.

We love seeing and hearing about all breeds.

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