Thursday, September 30, 2010

Conway Fall Festival - Conway, SC

This Saturday, October 2nd, come join the Critter Crew at the Conway Fall Festival. We will be there, in Conway, SC, from 10am - 6pm with all of our wonderful pet lover products.

That's right. We'll have all of the Critters on the Move life-size decals, trivets, coasters and tags for everyone to see. Can you say "super Christmas present"? Also with us will be our solution to male dog marking, the Uh-Oh Band. Our pet friendly bands, made by DogPerils, are an easy and comfortable dog belly band.

Rounding out our booth will be our "Unconditional Love" prints from Touch of a Paw. We offer these in four sizes, as well as, framed and ready-for-framing dry mounted prints. The "Unconditional Love" series also includes sets of fold over cards. We also happily offer custom wording for personalized or memorial Touch of a Paw prints. These make wonderful gifts for all of the the dog lovers on your Christmas list.

6 pack of dogs is brought to you by the pet lovers at:

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