Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Wrightsville Beach Holiday Flotilla

Come join Critters on the Move tomorrow, November 27, in Wrightsville Beach. We will be there all day for the Annual Wrightsville Beach Holiday Flotilla. Usually a good festival (meaning lots of people), there is lots to do for young and old alike.

Bring your dog for a free photo shoot by the Critter's photographer. We are also introducing a fun new product, the "Buddyro". Come check it out and join the fun. Hope to see you there.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

M & Ms, Let them melt in your mouth, not your dog's

We've all heard it, "Don't give your dog chocolate. It will kill him". Well, how true is it you're probably wondering. Why is chocolate bad for dogs?

Chocolate contains theobromine. A naturally occurring stimulant found in the cocoa bean, theobromine increases urination and affects the central nervous system, as well as, heart muscle. While amounts vary by type of chocolate, it’s the theobromine that is poisonous to dogs. The good news is that it takes, on average, a fairly large amount of theobromine, 100-150 mg/kg, to cause a toxic reaction. On average,Milk chocolate contains 44 mg of theobromine per oz. Semisweet chocolate contains 150mg/oz. Baker's chocolate 390mg/oz.

Symptoms of Chocolate Dog Ingestion and Poisoning
You can recognize that your dog has eaten a toxic dose of chocolate from the symptoms. Within the first few hours, the evidence includes:
* vomiting
* diarrhea
* increased urination
* excessive panting
* hyperactivity

These symptoms can lead to hyperthermia, muscle tremors, seizures, coma and even death. If these symptoms occur, do NOT wait to see if your pet will be okay. After two hours of eating the chocolate, all of it has passed out of the stomach into the intestines for complete absorption into the body. Call your veterinarian for recommendations. Most will recommend you bring the pet in so vomiting can be made to happen and supportive care can be given as well as monitoting of the pet for signs of toxicity and symptomatic treatment if needed.

Your dog may have to be hospitalized for awhile if symptomatic. Times in the hospital vary depending on the dosage ingested and signs. It takes about 7 1/2 hours for half of the theobromine to be removed from the body and another 7 1/2 hours for half of what is left to be removed and so on. Please, also, note that cats are much more sensitive to all toxins and these toxic doses are only valid for dogs. If your cat is like mine and eats any chocolate consult your veterinarian.

As always, prevention is the easiest and best safety measure. Enjoy your M & M's, but keep them away from your pets.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Ho Ho Ho! Pictures with Santa

Critters on the Move was happy to team up with Jackie Oakes at Coastal K-9 Bakery all day for her Annual "Picture with Santa Day". The day was filled with beautiful babies, great owners, and lots of doggie kisses (the best part!). We met some wonderful people and took some special pictures. It is always a special treat for the Critter Crew to see the love that pet owners have for their babies.

Jackie sells healthy foods for pets and bakes healthy, natural treats at Coastal K-9 Bakery and their newest store, Tippy's Treats. We will be donning the Santa outfit again in on December 4 for another "Picture with Santa Day" up at Tippy's Treats.

All of the proceeds from today's event goes to "Adopt an ANGEL" to help abandoned animals in the Wilmington area.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

On the Radio>>>

Listen for our Critters on the Move ad now airing daily on 103.7 The Bone radio station in Wilmington.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dog Lover?

The most dogs ever owned by one person were 5,000 Tibetan Mastiffs owned by Kublai Khan.

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Tips for Making Your Home Pet-Proof

Pets are often like children in many ways. They have a curious nature and a natural tendency to get into things that could be harmful. If you have a pet or are thinking of getting one, it’s best to pet-proof your house. Here are a some suggestions that might help protect your pet from a few household dangers.

1. Keep a lid on your garbage.
2. Keep electical cords hidden or covered.
3. Keep the lid on your toilet closed.
4. Always use cautuion when using insecticides
5. Remember to clean spills thoroughly
6. Store medications and cleaning supplies in a secure place.
7. Keep sink and bathtub rinsed out.
8. Latch your doors and secure your screens.

These are suggestions compiled from discussions with pet lovers all over. Keep these in mind and remember the most important thing you must give your pet - LOVE.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

What does your parrot need?

The name of our company is Critters on the Move. When we say Critters, we mean all kinds of Critters. Parrots and others types of birds are some of those Critters. We have a decal of a blue and gold Macaw available right now. If you have any other type of pet bird we would be happy to add it to our repertoire - in living color and full-sized.

Chet Womach, a pet/bird trainer that has helped us with our macaw, teaches these basic principles:

There are the 4 major categories of a bird’s ‘Love Language’.

1) Quality Time
2) Tasty Treats
3) Active Play
4) Pleasant Touch

Every parrot is an individual and, as such, a different one of these 4 will be the most important for your bird. Try them all and see which one your baby responds to the most.

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Saturday, November 13, 2010

We do for your dogs or pets what no one else does

Look what Critters on the Move has done for this pack!
These three beautiful Shelties are loved and treasured by their owners. Critters on the Move took each baby's picture and combined them to make the LIFE-SIZE decal of all three you see here. The owners are thrilled that we could put all of their dogs together in one decal. Look for them soon as you drive around Wilmington.

Our experience has been that once people understand that these are life-sized and they are their own dogs, their interest peaks. They are beautiful and easy to come by. Pet lovers from all over the country are calling to find out how they, too, can put their pet on their windows.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Check Us Out In Dog Living Magazine

Critters on the Move
is happy to announce its first magazine ad campaign. We have an ad in the current issue of Dog Living Magazine. You can find it on page 20. We are also listed in their gift guide on page 14. Our decals do make wonderful gifts for the pet lovers on your gift list.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holden Beach's Festival by the Sea was FESTIVE!

The Critter Crew spent the past weekend in Holden Beach, NC spreading the word about Critters on the Move. We met an innumerable number of pet lovers attending the annual Festival by the Sea. For this festival, we added an extra tent for photographing all of the babies that we met. Karen was clicking away both days and photographed over 50 babies(dogs) for decals.

One of the big hits of the weekend was the
addition of our new coasters featuring an image of your own pets. Other new products include trivets, stainless steel flasks, and little pet tags.

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