Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Dog's New Year's Resolutions

  1. I will stop eating my best friend's (my owner's) blankets.
  2. I will try harder to be still when my owner trims my nails.
  3. I will stop playing tug-of-war with my Dad's underwear while he is on the toilet.
  4. I will also stop putting my nose in his crouch while he is on the toilet.
  5. I will stop eating socks and then redepositing them in the backyard.
  6. I will not eat my sister's poop in the backyard.
  7. I will also refrain from licking my owners in the face after eating poop.
  8. I will be nicer about sharing my toys and bones with my sisters.
  9. I will stop rolling my toys and bones under the furniture.
  10. I will stop eating the cats' food (before or after they eat it).
  11. "Kitty box" crunchies are not treats.
  12. I will not wake my Mommy up by sticking my cold, wet nose up her behind.
  13. I will stop hogging the covers in the bed (my Mommy gets cold).

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