Sunday, November 14, 2010

What does your parrot need?

The name of our company is Critters on the Move. When we say Critters, we mean all kinds of Critters. Parrots and others types of birds are some of those Critters. We have a decal of a blue and gold Macaw available right now. If you have any other type of pet bird we would be happy to add it to our repertoire - in living color and full-sized.

Chet Womach, a pet/bird trainer that has helped us with our macaw, teaches these basic principles:

There are the 4 major categories of a bird’s ‘Love Language’.

1) Quality Time
2) Tasty Treats
3) Active Play
4) Pleasant Touch

Every parrot is an individual and, as such, a different one of these 4 will be the most important for your bird. Try them all and see which one your baby responds to the most.

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