Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Strange sounds in the night

Every dog owner has heard these sounds before. It's not one of those sounds you enjoy. Which sound is it? That heaving sound of one of your babies throwing up. Great topic, isn't it? Not really, but one that does come up every so often.

What makes our problem worse is that we have two throwing up. Two of our babies, Jesse and Kayla, have been throwing up. It seems under control now. Just like your children (if you have or had any), you cannot help but feel bad for them.

To make things worse - Casey has a terrible case of the diarrhea. That was another sound that was heard in the night. That explosion happened after the throwing up. Wow! What a night!

Our vet says to fast them for 24 hours. After fasting, it is rice and chicken for a few meals. They do not like missing any meals. Our vet also prescribed some medicine to prevent vomiting and it seemed to work.

I hope tonight is better.

I was going to introduce you to Casey and his male marking habit (peeing anywhere, any time)and the UH-OH band,a male dog belly band, made by DogPerils but that will wait until next time.

Gone to clean up a mess.....Swoop

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