Monday, July 13, 2009

Casey at his desk

Casey is our love bug, the sweetest baby you could ask for. Always happy, if he were human, he would have a big smile on his face all day. Ever since he was a puppy, you cannot help but smile when he looks up at you. Everybody's pal, he is the only member of the pack that can sit or lay beside anyone.

He is definitely my wife's dog. In bed at night, nobody, and I mean nobody, is allowed to sleep beside her. If someone does try to, he just plops himself down on top of both people (or dog) and gradually work his way down between you. It is his way of saying - "Hey! What do you think you are doing? Only I get to sleep beside my mommy."

Casey is an equal opportunity snuggler. He moves around in the bed at night. When he sleeps, he loves to lay his head on one of our shoulders. What a glorious view to wake up to. Opening your eyes and looking into his beautiful adoring eyes that scream out, "I love you so much Daddy!" He wakes up so happy every morning, raring to go.

"Raring to go" has a double meaning. One is, he is ready to start the day. Nothing he does is in slow motion and his switch stays on Go. You can guess what the other meaning of "to go" is. In my next entry, I'll explain what came as a result of that.

Please remember that Rescues always need your support. Look up your favorite breed's rescue group and donate whatever you can. Money is great, but sometimes, maybe a used dog bed helps too.

Until next time... Swoop

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