Thursday, September 13, 2012

Do You Have a Disaster Plan?

 We are in the middle of hurricane season here on the coast of North Carolina. If a hurricane or other emergency arose that forced you to evacuate, what would you do with your dogs, cats, and other pets/animals? Are you prepared?

Hopefully, you and your family have discussed the possibility of a disaster occurring,  have planned for it, and know what you are going to do before it gets to you. Having an Emergency or Disaster Plan in place is an essential part of being a dedicated, caring pet owner.

If your city, town, or community is threatened by an emergency, such as, a hurricane, fire or flooding , leaving your pets behind is not an option. Do you have enough kennels or pet carriers? You must be prepared because most shelters, even if they do allow animals, require them to be in a kennel or pet carrier. It is a good idea to know which shelters and motels are pet-friendly ahead of time.

Remember, your dogs, cats, birds, and any other pets are a part of your family. Please, plan ahead so you can keep all of your pets safe and with you during an emergency.

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