Thursday, November 24, 2011

Senate Bill to Regulate Puppy Mills

Maybe this will help. Most true animal lovers are keenly aware of the unscrupulous things mass puppy mills are perpetrating on dogs across America. Hopefully, this bill will force those people to follow some sort of reasonable guidelines.

Encourage your representatives to do whatever is necessary to ensure the passage of this bill. All dog and animal lovers need to advocate for the rights of these animals.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Home Pet Diarrhea Remedies

We are approaching the Thanksgiving Holiday. At this time of year, pet lovers and owners, intentionally and sometimes unintentionally, feed their pets some of their Thanksgiving feasts. Often, the result for your pet is a nasty case of diarrhea. Doggie diarrhea is one of the most common problems veterinarians deal with on a daily basis. The good news is most cases can be treated at home and usually clear up in about 24 hours.

Here are a few of the best home remedies you can try yourself.

1. Take away all food and water for 24 hours - Monitor your pets to see if they seem dehydrated. If they are, give them some ice cubes or small amounts of water. After 24 hours, feed them small servings of a very bland diet 4 or 5 times throughout the day.

Choose from the following foods or combine a couple of them:

- Plain cooked white rice

- Cottage cheese without any of the liquid

- Plain skinless boiled chicken

- Plain skinless boiled turkey

- Scrambled egg ( no butter)

- Boiled or baked potato ( no skin or seasonings)

* Continue to feed several small servings of this bland diet for a couple days in gradually

increasing amounts until you see a firm stool passed.

* Then, start to wean your pet back to its regular food over the course of a week.

* During this time, be sure to refrain from giving your dog bones, snacks or table scraps.

2. Dogs can also be given a dose of Pepto Bismol every 6 hours. With a syringe (this is the fun part) administer 1 teaspoon for every 20 lbs. of your dog's weight. For puppies over 6weeks old, be sure to consult your vet. An added bonus of Pepto Bismol is that it also works to stop vomiting. Treatment should last only one or two days. If diarrhea persists, call your vet.

3. Imodium AD and Kaopectate are other over-the-counter medicines you can try. Recommended dosage for Imodium AD is 1 ml per lb. every 8 hours and Kaopectate 1 ml per lb. every 2 hours.

Please heed this word of warning before you dispense human medications to your pet.

Vet or no vet? If your dog's or pet's problem lasts longer than 48 hours - call your vet.

Reason to call your veterinarian


  • blood in vomit
  • vomiting accompanied by diarrhea
  • vomit looks and smells like stool
  • vomiting is projectile
  • vomiting is sporadic and there is no relationship to meals
  • multiple bouts of vomiting occur over a short period of time
  • ingestion of a poison (like antifreeze or fertilizer) is suspected
  • vomiting persists more than a day or two
  • stomach bloating occurs or your dog tries to vomit but can not
  • dog also appears listless
  • there is weight loss
  • dog is showing other signs of illness such as labored breathing or pain


  • bloody diarrhea
  • diarrhea accompanied by vomiting
  • multiple bouts of vomiting occur over a short period of time
  • ingestion of a poison is suspected
  • fever and other signs of toxicity are present
  • diarrhea persists more than a day or two
  • dog also appears listless
  • there is weight loss
  • dog is showing other signs of illness such as labored breathing or pain
Always remember, your pet relies on you to take of him. As yucky a thing it is for you to clean up, it is even worse for your poor, sick pet. Keep a careful watch on your pet whenever he/she is sick. If anything happens you question, please call your vet. That is what they are there for.

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy & Healthy Thanksgiving

From the makers of Pedigree Dog come these words of advice:

How to ensure that your dog has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving:

  • Never give your dog poultry bones—they can splinter easily and stick in the esophagus, stomach, or intestines.
  • Keep him away from chocolate—it can be fatal to dogs. Bowls of candy, or pieces dropped by guests or children, may pose a real risk to your pets. The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. But any chocolate, in large enough amounts, can kill a dog. An ounce of chocolate can be toxic to a 30-pound dog, and many dogs can easily consume more than that.
  • Don't let your dog lie where food is often dropped. If he is not trained to stay out of the garbage, use a can with a lid, or keep it out of your pet's reach. Dogs are capable of amazing feats when food is involved.
  • Make sure your pet can't access food left on counters or tables. After you've cleaned the kitchen, take the garbage out and dispose of it in a secure place where no pets can get into it.
  • Watch the door as guests enter and leave. An open door is an invitation for a dog to flee a busy house for the world outside. So as guests arrive and leave, keep an eye on your dog—or, if he's shy and upset by company, keep him in a quieter part of the house during noisy festivities.
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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Speedway Classic of the Carolinas

Critters on the Move is excited to be back in the Charlotte area next week. Starting Thursday, November 17 thru Sunday, November 20th we will be photographing dogs and producing life-size decals of your dog at the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center in Concord, NC.

Would you like to see your dog's picture on a mouse pad, coffee cup, ornament, key chain, money clip, letter opener or, even, a fine art piece?

For a fun filled day with hundreds of dog lovers, come join us at the Speedway Classic of the Carolinas Dog Show. The public is welcome, however, only dogs that are entered in the dog show will be allowed in the arena. We look forward to seeing you there.

20% of all sales go to animal rescue. Let us know, if you have a preferred rescue, that you would like to designate as a recipient of this donation.

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