Tuesday, April 19, 2011

In case of emergency...

The crew here, at Six pack of dogs, lives in southeastern North Carolina. Over the past few days, we have had some catastrophic weather in our area. Tornadoes, in record numbers, have touched down across our whole state. People have been killed and severely injured. Damage to property has been widely reported. Rarely mentioned is the effect these events have on pets/animals.

With that in mind, Six pack of dogs, thought this would be a good time to remind and request you to have an emergency and disaster plan for your pets handy. Pet owners everywhere need to be prepared to take the steps required to ensure the safety of their families, which if you have pets, includes them. Below is the American Kennel Club disaster checklist. Make a copy or to their web site and make a copy so you are prepared the next time disaster comes your way.

Proper emergency planning can help save the life of your pet. The American Kennel Club has prepared the following checklists to help pet owners pack a portable pet first-aid kit and prepare for an emergency evacuation. Preparedness is important in any disaster situation and these checklists can be applied to any emergency that calls for evacuation from your home.

Evacuation Checklist for Pets
Dog medicine(s), i.e. heart worm, flea, ear mite medicine, etc.
Dog Bowls
Dog Food (1-week minimum, 2-week suggested), dog treats, etc.
Can opener
Leashes: walking leash, short leash
Harness (to attach to seat belt)
Extra dog tag, (masking tape, laundry pen) Cell #, Hotel # and Room #
Pet records stored in waterproof container or plastic sealable bag
Dog bed/blanket/toys
Supplies/paper towels, rug cleaner, toilettes, towels, flash light
Current dog photograph(s) with your notification information: useful for fliers should your dog go missing or must be left at shelter
Dog friendly hotel listings/ telephone lists
Litter/portable litter pan
Duct tape
Bottled water
Pet First Aid Kit

Portable First Aid Kit for Pets
Water-proof storage container for kit
Antiseptic/anti-bacterial cleansing wipes/Alcohol prep pads
Eye wash
Eye and skin wash in one
A sock (foot wrapper)
Latex surgical gloves
Electrolyte powder (add to water on hot days)
Emergency space blanket
Small flashlight
Bottled water
Medicated balm
Leash and collar
Soft muzzle
Speak to your vet about what to pack in case your dog has a sudden allergic reaction
Flexible bandage
Gauze roll
Bandage scissors- to cut gauze and to clip hair around wounds
Wood splint
Paper towels
Plastic baggies
Small cold pack and hot pack (self activating)
Cotton swabs
Antibiotic ointment/packets
Space for copy of dog’s papers & vet records (sealed in plastic bag)

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