Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Vacation - Don't forget about your Dogs and Pets

Summer is here and everyone tries to go on vacation or, at least, tries to get in a long weekend. Many of us have are foregoing the old ritual of taking the "babies" to the kennel. Many people are hiring professional Pet Sitters. Others are relying on the good old-fashioned method, asking friends.

Some friends are kind enough to come to your house to pet sit. While others will keep them at their own homes. Hopefully, if they are bringing your pets into their home, they know your pets well and vice versa. There is one very important thing to remember about pet sitters. If you are happy about the person or service you chose, but your dog is growling or really upset with the person, you might want to consider another option or person.

Regardless of which you choose, all pet lovers worry about their pets while they are away. Are they being fed correctly? Are they getting out everyday to potty? Do they have enough water? Whichever
method you choose, we at DogPerils, Critters on the Move, and Touch of a Paw thought we would help you with preparing for this event.

Tips for pet owners

  • Keep pet sitting instructions simple (1-2 pages is better than 14)
  • Type up the instructions (do not hand-write). Put all important info (i.e., emergency contact information) in large bold letters at the bottom
  • List all medications/allergies the pet might have (with only necessary instructions)
  • Make a “care and feeding” section for each pet (unless instructions are the same)
  • Include your phone number/location
  • Include name/contact info for the animal’s vet
  • Include local contact info: A neighbor, a family member, etc.
  • Optional: Include location for extra set of house keys
We hope these tips are helpful. Have a wonderful time!

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