Monday, June 28, 2010

Company # 3, the newest company

Here is our third company, Critters on the Move. What we affectionately refer to as "Critters", Critters on the Move makes fun, colorful, and humorous pet decals for your car or home windows. The reception, so far, has been wonderful. Pass the word and this blog to all of your friends. This company is going to be BIG!

Critters on the Move honors the special bond between pets and their owners with humor. We have created full sized decals that go on the windows of your car. All of our decals come from professional photographs taken by our Critters on the Move staff photographer, Gloria Madill. We also have available an option to have your own pet or pets put on a decal. Look at this example we did for a family with two dogs.

We offer other distinctive pet items, such as our beautiful and comfortable line of "BedFellow Pet Beds" and our cool new "Meet Me. Meet My Pet" Calling Cards. Our web site, is up, but it is still missing a few elements. Go check it out!

Here are a few more examples of our Critters on the Move pet decals.

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